CIMT is the next retail revolution developed by
B&P Bergmannpartners

Based on our long business experience we set out to translate our learnings into an IT-solution set to revolutionize the retail industry. We believe it is time for total market transparency. Join our ride with CIMT.

B&P Bergmannpartners is your operator of choice for managing Retail Portfolios

Changing consumer habits, intensifying online competition, demographic change – the list of challenges for offline retailers is getting longer. In this environment it is not only important to set the right course but also to swiftly implement the necessary measures to have an impactful response.

Here we come into play: B&P Bergmannpartners provides you with the holistic management of your store portfolio. We take on all responsibilities around your store portfolio, giving you a faster, better and cheaper service than you can achieve internally. Change is inevitable. Growth is optional – with us.

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