What if you became 5x faster in your work by using CIMT?

CIMT is not only designed with an intuitive user experience but also features clever processes directly from practice. CIMT is a simple-to-use and effective companion for your everday work.

CIMT organizes and displays all information of your rental contracts. You find anything you need to know just some mouse clicks away – and due to our focus on Retail-tenants only CIMT features a level of detail you will find in no other contract management software on the market.

CIMT automatically calculates all deadlines to a specific contract and displays these deadlines in a corresponding “Deadline Management Module”. We do not only track the termination date of a contract but ANY other possible deadline as well, like dates of step-rents, special termination rights, refurbishing obligations, etc.

With CIMT you will never miss a deadline again.

Reporting for IFRS and GAAP purposes or just for internal management review often is a teadious and time-consuming process.

This is why we have put a strong focus specifically on providing you with tailor-made reports for your stakeholders. CIMT allows you to work so seeminglessly that you will never have to export an Excel file again.

Ever since the Retail Real Estate market has lacked transparency for pretty much all key performance indicators. This has served to a great advantage for institutional landlords that can combine information from multiple tenants in different locations.

We set out to change this. CIMT provides you with anonymized real-data benchmarks for your Rents, Contract terms, Revenues and Ancillary Costs. With CIMT you will get ahead of your landlord when it comes to the next negotiation.

Did we already mention that CIMT features some great embedded processes? Well, this certainly also includes a module supporting your internal decision making process regarding your Store Portfolio. Create a presentation of your negotiation results or termination decision to your internal stakeholders within a blink of an eye.

CIMT features an address book that features all contact information of your stakeholder to a specific store.

We never understood why working with data has to be a visually dreadful experience. CIMT features 360° images of your stores so you can see and experience them digitally.

We believe it is important for you to know what has been going on at a specific store in the past. This is why CIMT features a full history for each store, tracking negotiations, results and landlord correspondence.

Get a visual overview of your store portfolio with our embedded map-service. CIMT features intelligent individual sub-portfolio categories so you group your stores by any dimension you fancy.

Ancillary costs are often neglected by retailers but in fact make up a large part of overall rent expenses for a specific store. CIMT provides you with an ancillary cost review module that allows you to track the development of your “second rent” over time and warns you in case costs accelerate out of control.